YKSLI Overview 

Indonesian Wildlife Conservation Foundation (YKSLI) was established on October, 1st 2014 and had received affirmation as a statutory body by Ministry of Law and Human Rights Letter of Intent. YKSLI is a Non-Governmental Organization / Civil Society Initiative whom operates in the sector of wildlife rescue, habitat restoration, and environmental-friendly education. This institution which is based on Jambi City dedicates her efforts in terms of animal and its habitat’s sustainability by empowering local community through multi-party collaboration.

Contact YKSLI

Jl. TP Sriwijaya No. 48 RT 015, Kelurahan Rawasari, Kecamatan Kota Baru, Kodya Jambi 3191

Contact Person
L Andreas Sarwono
Mobile: +622181328570870
Email: [email protected]